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It’s time to unmask punk rock, admit that it has done us no favors, and banish it from our minds. There is no one waiting for us at the gates of heaven with a big book of punk, ready to judge our souls and validate our credibility. Punk rock is bullshit, and was always bullshit. Say it with me.

John Roderick, “Punk Rock Is Bullshit”, Seattle Weekly.

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If things carry on this way, where everything sounds the same, homogenous, then this whole electronic music will die a death… What’s happened is… what was once the underground of dance music has been filtered out and made into a “brand” and the DJ has become a symbol of the music maker. People are used to hearing things on playback and watching some sort of “show” which is a just some DJ jumping around.
DJ A Guy Called Gerald (aka Gerald Simpson), in a fantastic Q&A with Totally Dublin, from July 4th, 2012.

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