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Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
Do You Love Me?

She was given to me to put things right
and I stacked all my accomplishments beside her
Yet I seemed so obsolete and small
I found God
and all His devils
inside her…



I found her on a night of fire and noise
Wild bells rang in a wild sky
I knew from that moment on
I’d love her till the day that I died
And I kissed away a thousand tears
My lady of the various sorrows
Some begged, some borrowed, some stolen
Some kept safe for tomorrow
On and endless night, silver star spangled
The bells from the chapel went jingle-jangle

Do you love me?

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Anonymous asked: stahl/paul could never happen lol she's too beautiful for him


Uhm what? What’s your point exactly? That unbelievably handsome people can’t fall in love with ‘less handsome’ people in general? That Richard Paul/Michael Irby is ugly? That fans can’t ship what the heck they want to ship? Well, ALL of this is bullshit.

You can look at this cover shot of Michael Irby and then go cry in a corner because he’s a hottie and makes you look dumb for saying he’s not handsome enough.


Also, did you actually look at Richard’s eyes on the show? I know it’s hard to notice anyone else’s eyes when you have Michael Ealy on the screen because his eyes are superstunning. But Richard has these extremely dark, soulful and totally pretty brown eyes. And a damn sexy voice. And his dimples are the cutest omg. So yeah I think he’s totes attractive.

But even if you think he isn’t attractive (people have different opinions, after all), it’s just plain stupid to say that the lack of superficial physical supermodel-beauty disqualifies a character or person for a romantic relationship, be it canon or non-canon. 

PS: Valerie isn’t as shallow as you anyway.

That is all. Good-bye!


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