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If things carry on this way, where everything sounds the same, homogenous, then this whole electronic music will die a death… What’s happened is… what was once the underground of dance music has been filtered out and made into a “brand” and the DJ has become a symbol of the music maker. People are used to hearing things on playback and watching some sort of “show” which is a just some DJ jumping around.
DJ A Guy Called Gerald (aka Gerald Simpson), in a fantastic Q&A with Totally Dublin, from July 4th, 2012.

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"Canada didn’t need to be rebranded or redesigned… America needed to be educated."

This is the kind of smug attitude that sent me away screaming to New York. Eeeek.



Canada gets an image makeover.

Just in time for Canada’s 145th birthday (July 1 is Canada Day, in case you forgot), Studio 360 gives our northern neighbor a brand makeover.

To get beyond hockey, beer, and Mounties, Studio 360 asked the international firm Bruce Mau Design to come up with a visual rebranding. As part of its research, the BMD team talked with Scott Thompson of the sketch comedy group The Kids in the Hall who summed up the issue simply: “We know you, but you don’t know us.”

“Canada didn’t need to be rebranded or redesigned,” explains BMD President and CEO Hunter Tura. “America needed to be educated. And that is the basis for our campaign: Know Canada.” More.

Watch this! :13 is my favorite part. Who knew the Wonderbra was from Canada? —A.P.

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